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Trojan 200

Technesch Donnéeën






Unzuel vun Dieren

Unzuel vun Setzer



Exterieur Faarf

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1 Cylindres


8kW / 10CH










Trojan 200

The Trojan 200, also known as the Heinkel Trojan, is a microcar that was manufactured in the early 1960s by Trojan Cars Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

The Trojan 200 was originally designed and produced by Heinkel, a German company known for its aircraft and scooters. The model was initially called the Heinkel Kabine and was produced from 1956 to 1958 in Germany. Due to economic factors and Heinkel's decision to exit the car business, production rights were sold to Trojan, a British company.

Trojan Cars Ltd. acquired the rights and began producing the car in 1960 under the name Trojan 200. Production continued until 1965.

The Trojan 200 is a classic example of a microcar, designed to be small, economical, and practical for city use. It features a distinctive egg-shaped body with a single front door that swings forward, making entry and exit easier, especially in tight parking spaces. The car had seating for two adults and, in some configurations, a small child.

The Trojan 200 was powered by a single-cylinder, 198cc two-stroke engine. The engine was mounted at the rear of the vehicle and produced around 10 horsepower. This modest power output was adequate given the car's lightweight construction.

The vehicle had a 4-speed manual transmission. It was designed to be simple and easy to operate, which suited its role as a city car.

The Trojan 200 had a top speed of around 80 km/h and was capable of delivering excellent fuel economy, making it an economical choice for urban driving.

The microcar's features were minimalistic, reflecting its utilitarian purpose. It had basic instrumentation and controls, and comfort features were kept to a minimum to maintain affordability and simplicity.

The Trojan 200 was popular among those looking for an inexpensive and efficient mode of transportation during a time when car ownership was becoming more widespread but full-sized cars were still relatively expensive.

Today, the Trojan 200 is a rare and collectible microcar. Its unique design and place in automotive history make it a sought-after item among microcar enthusiasts and collectors of vintage vehicles.
This car is complete, but has to be restored.

Overall, the Trojan 200 is remembered as a charming and practical microcar that provided affordable transportation during its production years. Its quirky design and historical significance continue to captivate vintage car aficionados.

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